Argo Facilities Ltd

Services Offered

Argo offer an alarm and CCTV monitoring service with a real difference

Because we are IP network specialists we are able to solve the most complex monitoring and integration challenges.

We run the most modern and capable Security Management platforms within a modern and highly secure control room which enable our customers to leverage the true capability of their equipment. This can range from the application of edge technologies installed on the camera such as people counting, facial recognition, and analytic intrusion detection to the most advanced techniques enabling the transmission of high quality video over sub optimum routes where most Alarrm Receiving Centres will fail to even make a connection to the camera.

Our capability means that we can monitor our customers most difficult sites where there are limitations such as lack of power and lack of land line communications. All of this can be done at very low cost and results in very significant infrastructure savings.

Not only are we able to monitor the most modern systems effectively, but we can integrate nearly all legacy solutions ensuring that ageing analogue systems can still be retained and integrated into the most modern of alarm receiving centres.

Our customers include Utility Companies, High Street retailers and Banks to mention just a few - all demand the highest standards and we are proud to be trusted to protect their organisations.

We are dedicated to providing a service far above industry standards - that is why our controllers aim to always answer incoming phone calls within 5 rings - we understand from our clients that some UK Alarm Receiving Centres take up to 20 minutes to answer the phone!

Our client retention level is the highest in the industry which we think speaks for itself.

Other Services

Argo Facilities Ltd prides itself on offering the full range of alarm monitoring services from highly complex, integrated security systems to single line alarm feeds.

Some of our services include: